Publications and Projects


It’s been a busy year. In terms of writing probably the busiest I’ve had. Therefore I thought it was time for a little update.


I’ve just had three new pieces published.

Strangelet Journal have published my story Start The Day With An Espresso. You can read a sample here.

Goreyesque have published two of my flash fiction pieces. You can read Fold and Masks here.

In the next couple of months I’ve got work coming out with Cabinet des Fees, Mad Scientist Journal, NonBinary Review-Alphanumeric and Not One Of Us.


I’ve been busy working with Becky Cherriman and Imove Arts on Haunt. We’re very pleased to have work from the project in the Harrogate Stories exhibition at the Royal Pump Rooms Museum in Harrogate.

We’ve also been busy working on the anthology, which will be out later in the year.

We’re regularly sharing work from Haunt here.

Haunt is very close to my heart and seeing it become such a multifaceted project is fantastic.

I’ve recently been asked to contribute to a project by Munich Artists.

My other big project this year is my novel. I’m about half way through my first draft. The aim is to spend August editing to get it into some kind of shape before the end of the year.

Apart from that I’m still reviewing for Fortean Times on a fairly regular basis, and writing short stories in the background.

Have a good summer!