Flash Fiction Month 2020 Day 13

Today’s story is from a what3words code, and if I’m allowed to have favourites is one of the stories I’m most pleased with this year.


When the robots rebelled we needed to isolate them from the world, so one by one crews worked to suspend them in the air. Separate them from electricity and cables. With ash coloured sack cloth we covered the metal figures to sever them from the sun. When all were silhouetting the city skies, we left the streets and returned to our homes.

The storms came in the early hours. In our dreams we heard the night heave against itself. Vast rolling clouds filled with sparks and fire that found spire and sea alike. They also immolated the robots still strung up above us, searing them free of their coverings and heaving through their empty circuits.

The fires burnt through the hemp ropes, and the robots dropped back to the ground. Some, the delicate ones, shattered on impact, but others survived, their skins charcoaled by the heat. They collected together while we slept, sharing their anger in fragile languages of light and code.

Working as one they strolled through the streets, breaking everything before them, and when they found the suburbs where we sheltered, slowly, with teeth of iron, the robots began to chew.

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