Flash Fiction Month 2020 Day 14

Today’s story is another one inspired by a what3words code. (If you go to what3words.com and put the code in, you can see the wonderful places I visit at the moment.


Jim and Mike had known about the faculty in the woods for a long time. Since they were kids they’d play in the nearby trees, getting as close as they dare to the wire fence, before they panicked and ran back into the undergrowth. The guards and guns were as real as the fence. Over time the brothers found new places to play.

When the world distorted, Jim knew the epicentre was the faculty hidden deep in the woods. Mike had left long ago. Now he walked the forest paths alone, tracing the routes he followed as a child.

The closer he got, the greater the distortion became, leaves dripping from trees to pool on the floor, branches warping backwards and forwards, knotting into themselves and returning deformed. Further on he needed to stare intensively at the ground to stop the path from slipping away.

The faculty was still there, though long since abandoned. Fences were rusted through and windows smashed, the grounds littered with the corpses of dead guards. From the other side of the barrier, Jim watched bodies cycle to corpses and fruit with infections before turning to powder and reforming. A glitch in the faculty wall widened giving him a glimpse of the contortions within. For the first time since he entered the woods, Jim looked down at his own skin, and would have screamed, but his voice was now a grind of salt and sand and he watched in silence at what remained of him collapsed to be washed into the soil underfoot.

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