Flash Fiction Month 2020 Day 19

Today’s story was inspired by two things. Firstly by two place-names on a map I was working with (which gave the title), and secondly a piece of art by Hester Cox. It’s maybe a little more of a vignette than a story. Looking at it now, this feels like an opening to something else. I hope you enjoy it.

Green Eyes by Hollow Hill

There were bones within the cairn, green stained and weathered. Once they had been a man. Once they had been a woman. Once they had been a god. Now they were land and they were more godlike than they achieved while drawing breath.

Kate sat upon the rocks and rescued the remains, cradling them in her numb hands. With care she placed them on the ground, laying them in patterns never held together by tendons or skin.

Sprinkling salt over the bones, she scraped the lichen free and smeared her lips with the green slip.

The words came fast, though her throat struggled to shape them, guttural and ancient as they were. She let them slide out, watching the phrases stick to the skeleton before her, softening the bones to spectres.

Hooking her fingers below the ghost, she raised it from the heather and pressed it into her skin, twitching as the guest settled into the host. She felt her eyes become leaves, her gaze seeing through the surface to the origin and all the life and death between. She was stone and beast and sky and ghost and god, and the land would worship her once more.

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