Flash Fiction Month 2020 Day 20

All the twenties! Today’s story again started with a what3words code.

I hope you’re enjoying these flash fictions. If you would like to chuck me the price of a coffee, I have a ko-fi account here where you can make small donations. Anything is gratefully received. https://ko-fi.com/stevetoase

rear make ghost

The bridleway was narrow and edged with hawthorn. Reaching branches snagged at the horse’s flanks. Joan had ridden the route many times. On this day, with the clouds pressing down from the sky, something felt different. Patting Stoneheart on his neck, she ducked below a low branch and glanced behind her, unable to shake the sensation of someone following. The lane behind her was empty of people.

When Stoneheart reared she was still looking back, and had no way of knowing what made her horse react. Normally he was such a calm horse. Neither car nor storm could make him react. She tumbled from the saddle, the first impact smashing her ribs against the rough stone surface, the second Stoneheart landing upon her.

The first ghost to approach had no face, and when it spoke the words came from everywhere at once. Arms free, Joan tried to push Stoneheart off her, but her strength was not enough. More and more ghosts crowded around her, reaching down with cold fingers to drag her free. She looked at Stoneheart, though his breathing was laboured his chest still rose up and down.

“Don’t worry,” a voice behind her said. “They will find him. He won’t leave you alone until they come, and we have a horse ready for you.”

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