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Short story collection To Drown in Dark Water published by Undertow Publications

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Crumpled forthcoming in Deadlands Magazine

The Pit and The Penitent forthcoming in Kaleidotrope

The Play of the Ashera Women forthcoming in Parsec Magazine

The Heart Beats Green and Grey forthcoming in Three Lobed Burning Eye

Uprooted forthcoming in IZ Digital

Vele Di Mar Non Vid’io forthcoming in Cosmic Horror Monthly

720º in Mother: Tales of Love and Terror

Dawn Caught and Dead in Not One of Us #72

The Taste of Sound in Analog Science Fiction and Fact

Flowstone in Three Lobed Burning Eye

The Ercildoun Accord  in Lackington’s Magazine 25

Beneath the Forest’s Wilting Leaves  in Paula Guran’s Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror Vol. 3

Dancing Sober in the Dust, and Chit Chit  in Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year Vol. 14

Dendrochromatic Data Recovery Report 45-274  in Analog Science Fiction and Fact

Pellets in Not One of Us #70

On the Hills, The Knitters in Bourbon Penn 26

To Rectify in Silver in Nightmare Magazine 111

Chit Chit in Chilling Crime Short Stories

Dry and Cracked as Bone in Creepypasta Stories

Call Out translated to Polish in Nowa Fantastyka 11/21

Clipped Wings in Nightscript #7

The Jaws of Ouroboros Audio Version at Horror Hill Podcast

Old Fashioned in Lackington’s #21

Children of the Rotting Straw in Weird Horror #1

Streuobstwiese republished at Tales to Terrify Podcast

No Sun to Guide the Way upcoming in Speculative City

Tides Breathe When Words Are Spoken in Not One of Us #63

On a Bed of Flag Leaves at Unsung Stories

Call Out reprinted in Nightmare Magazine 92

Green Grows the Grief in Shadows & Tall Trees 8

The Fugue of Winter in Glass & Gardens: Solarpunk Winters

The Taste of Rot in Nox Pareidolia

Alignment in StarShipSofa

Traverse in In the Blink of an Eye

From My Rotting Body, Flowers Shall Bloom in SYNTH: An Anthology of Dark SF

The Silent Brush of Wings in Three Lobed Burning Eye #30

The Jaws of Ouroboros and Split Chain Stitch in Best Horror of the Year 11

Kiln Fired in Earth: Giants, Golems and Gargoyles

Snow Blind at The Horror Tree: Trembling with Fear

Tangerines & Wild Garlic in Mystery Weekly Magazine April 2019

The Delicacy of Laughter at Toasted Cake Podcast

Terminus Post Quem in Mad Scientist Journal Spring 2019

Sting at The Horror Tree: Trembling with Fear

Flow to the Sea in SYNTH: An Anthology of Dark SF 1#

Discarded Skins in Gorgon: Stories of Emergence from Pantheon

Seeing with Pollen in Giftmas 2018

Streuobstwiese in Shimmer 46

Split Chain Stitch in Mystery Weekly Magazine


Our Lady of the Tarpaulin in Not One of Us #60

The Jaws of Ouroboros in The Fiends in the Furrows: An Anthology of Folk Horror

The Kromlau Gambit in Galileo’s Theme Park

Verwelktag In Lackington’s 17 The Gothics Issue

White Lips in /Asymmetry Fiction

Bone Mask in Strix 3

Peacock Man in Flash, I Love You! from Paper Swans Press

Flick of the Wyvern’s Tale in BUILT FROM HUMAN PARTS

Dirt Upon My Skin in Animals Day II from Not One of Us

The Enamelled Crown in Hinnom Magazine 3

Fluted Bone in Tincture Journal

Flash Fiction in British Fantasy Society’s Horizons #5 (Ellen Datlow’s Honorable Mentions Longlist Best Horror of the Year 10)

The Forgetting Wall in Mad Scientist Journal

Why the Sea Tastes of Salt and Why The Sun Is Always Turned Toward Us in Pantheon Magazine Typhon: A Monster Anthology Vol 2

Dial 0 for an Outside Line in J. J. Outré Review

The Broken Nail in Theme of Absence

Spine Barked Trunks in Three Drops from a Cauldron

Ventricle in a glimpse of (English/Greek)

Not All the Coal That Is Dug Warms the World at Tales to Terrify Podcast

Schneestern in Pantheon Magazine Summer 2017: Janus

Der Heilige Antonius von Padua Klinik von Geisterbefestigung in Mad Scientist Journal Summer 2017

Glass and Mercury in Inspiration: A Space for Words

Hyter and the House that Stands in Aurealis #98

The Forgotten Son in Flash Fiction Press

The Season of Decaying Leaves in The Horror Zine

A Summation of Starlings in The Singularity Magazine

The Delicacy of Laughter in The Colored Lens #19

Pealing Skin in Fantasy Scroll Mag

Call Out republished in Best Horror of the Year 6

Skin Like Carapace at Far Fetched Fables Podcast

Mildew In The Morning in Strangelet

When The Ravens Flew in Pantheon Typhon: A Monster Anthology

Not All the Coal That Is Dug Warms the World in Not One of Us #54  (Ellen Datlow’s Honorable Mentions Longlist Best Horror 8)

Fold and Masks in Goreyesque Summer 2015

Smoke Signs in Nonbinary Review #5

Start the Day with an Espresso in Strangelet 1.2

Child M in Mad Scientist Journal

Small Snatches of Life from Before in Fiction Vortex

Red Clay in Pantheon Magazine

Mare of the Tides in Scheherezade’s Bequest Something Rich and Strange: Tales from the Sea

The Broken Chair in The Colored Lens

The Fibril Prosthetic in Mad Scientist Journal

Barbs and Vanes in Page and Spine

Skin Like Carapace in Scheherezade’s Bequest Something Rich and Strange: As You Wish

Chicken Skin Gloves in Liquid Imagination

Call Out in Innsmouth Magazine

Fate’s Mask in Arcane II (Ellen Datlow’s Honorable Mentions Longlist Best Horror of the Year Six)

Concrete in Fiction365

Elf Knots in Beautiful Scruffiness

Spark in Jabberwocky Magazine

Unsaid in applaudissement

Abraded Butterflies in Sein und Werden

As Children in Bones-City Fox Issue 1

Phoenix Year in Beautiful Scruffiness

Beyond This Point in Weaponizer Magazine

Leica M-2 Body in streetcake magazine

How She Danced in Out of Place, Out of Time

Glass and Mercury in Chorley Writers Aware

Branch in Café Irreal

Brick Dust in Sein und Werden Metropolis

Horn and Hoof in Roar and Thunder Magazine

Faded in applaudissement

Ein Bär in Weaponizer

Feldspar at Folio First

Night Skating in applaudissement

season at streetcake magazine

Glockenspiel Girl at Sein und Werden

Stitch in Eschatology Magazine

Red Within at Phantom Kangaroo

A Helping Hand in Weaponizer

Timeless in Indigo Rising

Rising in streetcake magazine

Fernando II in Hazard Cat

God in a Box in Café Irreal

Cracks at nthposition

Fernando at Hazard Cat

Threshold in The Fringe Magazine

Essence in Flashes in the Dark

Field of the Spiders in Twisted Dreams Magazine