Guest Post : “Otherworldly: Folk Horror Revival at The British Museum” by Steve Toase

Priya Sharma invited me to write a guest post on her blog about Folk Horror Revival’s Otherworldy British Museum event. Read it here.

priya sharma fiction

Folk Horror Revival Facebook group ( has been going for two years, and in that time has gathered together in excess of 16,000 members. While the core of Folk Horror is the unholy triumvirate of The Wicker Man, Witchfinder General, and Blood on Satan’s Claw, discussions explore everything from Hungarian Folktales to Indonesian Horror Movies, Church architecture to Japanese Rock Museums.

On 16th October Folk Horror Revival held Otherworldly at the British Museum. To give you some idea of the popularity, all 350 tickets sold out in two days. For a first event Otherworldly was extremely well organised. On registration each attendee was given an enamelled pin badge to identify each other amongst the throngs of the BM.

fhr-badge Enamel badge by Otherworldly

Chris Lambert, curator of the Black Meadow ( was compère for the day. Chris kept proceedings on track, and filled the occasional…

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