Original Fiction in 2019

This year has been busy with exhibitions and publications. Looking back, I thing in terms of writing I’ve been far more productive than ever before.

Below is a list of all my new fiction published in 2019.

Tangerines and Wild Garlic in Mystery Weekly Magazine

Tangerines and Wild Garlic is a take on the the outsider story. When Ben invites Sarah to meet his family, she finds herself in the middle of an ancient festival.

Discarded Skins in Gorgon: Stories of Emergence

A lot of years have past since Margaret lost her husband in a fishing accident. As she sees her lover, Spiri, slipping away she takes action.

Traverse in In the Blink of an Eye

Sophie led a group of students on their training excavation in the US, investigating a workers’ camp near the Ilchester Tunnel. As project director, she kept two diaries. Will they reveal what happened, and why the project imploded?

Flow to the Sea in SYNTH #1

Maja works with organic servers, using dead whales to store data. When she is recruited by a government organisation to repair a deep water server, family secrets bubble to the surface.*

*Sorry. Very sorry.

Terminus Post Quem in Mad Scientist Journal

I’m very sad that MSJ is going on permanent hiatus. Over the years they’ve let me experiment and play, for example Terminus Post Quem.

Terminus Post Quem is an epistolary horror story told via an archaeological site report. This was a personal challenge and draws on sites I’ve excavated in the past.

Kiln Fired in Earth: Giants, Golems and Gargoyles 

Extended family grew up in The Potteries (the area around Stoke on Trent famous for its ceramics), and this was a huge influence on Kiln Fired. The story is about bullying, magic, clay, and transformation.

The Silent Brush of Wings in Three Lobed Burning Eye #30

Mila is the butterfly house keeper, monitoring the data stored in the butterfly wings. When something gets into the system it starts a cascade of events that might mean disaster.

From My Rotting Body, Flowers Shall Bloom in SYNTH: An Anthology of Dark SF

(Due 15th December)

In a world where metal has become flesh, and metal flesh, can Stefan survive?

Alignment in StarShipSofa (podcast)

The city in Alignment is inspired by two things; the Plug In City by Archigram , and watching the U-Bahns in Munich, imagining them as domestic rather than municipal space.

Tonight Valerie will find out where the corridors travel after curfew.

The Taste of Rot in Nox Pareidolia 

The City has not recovered from the floods and the unnamed narrator is trying to find his sister in the chaos. As the city rots who will find who?

Petting Zoo at Tell Tale Press

A family day out is not going well as tensions rise between Ben and his father-in-law, Michael.

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